Protecting the environment and respect for all are our watchwords

  • "Producing high-quality and environmentally friendly beers also requires teamwork. We raise the awareness of our employees and train them to play an active role in improving our approach. We still have a good deal more to do. We are considering what could be improved, over the long term. Our commitment is not limited to pride in our brewery and organic beer, but also the entire brewing profession, from the composition of our beer to its packaging.

    We must always strive to integrate environmental considerations into all our new projects."

    Annick Castelain
    Annick Castelain Executive Director - Brasserie Castelain

From organic beer to a goal of ‘sustainable development’.

Our activities and the behaviour of every individual have a direct impact on our environment. This is why Brasserie Castelain has always striven to offer natural beers, free from artificial colours and preservatives.

JADE: The 1st Organic Beer in France

Jade organic beer: a high-quality, rich and traditional beer, which saves natural resources and protects biodiversity

We have played a pioneering role in this field, developing the first organic beer in France in 1986, JADE, using raw materials from organic farming. To make this ultra-natural beer, we chose some exceptional raw materials. Growing our hops and malt is thus highly regulated. Their processing is also monitored by the famous Ecocert label.

Our commitments: Sustainable Development & Respect for the Environment

Brasserie castelain: a commitment to sustainable development across our range, guiding our investment in environmentally friendly equipment.

In addition to this organic beer, the brewery has made promoting the region and protecting our environment key factors since 1986.

This is why we choose our suppliers according to shared environmental values. Thus, our bottles and cardboard boxes are created from recycled materials and vegetable-based inks.

Our commitments: Research & Innovation

Research and Innovation: the cornerstones of the commitments of Brasserie Castelain.

In 2015, Brasserie Castelain widened its range of commitments, by introducing JADE Sans Gluten, a beer certified by Afdiag (French Gluten Intolerance Association).

Gluten-free products are now considered a nutritional requirement by some and the integration of a change in dietary habits by others. Keen not to exclude gluten-free beer lovers, the teams at the brewery cooked up an innovative method, enabling the removal of gluten.

Packaging & Recycling

Recycling your packaging helps the environment.

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